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[Adopted Experiment]: Impact Assessment - Proposed Metrics - Fuel Timor-Leste July-December 2019


Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption: That households that own the Fugaun Seguru and use it on a consistent basis will see a reduction in issues with smoke and coughing while cooking, a reduction in the amount of wood used for cooking, and a reduction in average time spent cooking.

Time Box: 4 months

- Initial data point: July 2019

- Second data point: December 2019

- Check again July 2020

Success Metrics: 

- Amount of firewood consumed per week (Note bag/bundle size on first interaction)

- % People who still use our stove after 6 months; ‘What do use now?’ - 6 months later - ‘Do you still use our stove?’

- The amount of time the family* spends cooking a specific meal (ask for a meal they cook regularly)

- The amount of coughing the family* experiences while cooking (on a scale of 1-7) *how many people in the family; # of people impacted is more tangeable than families impacted (2 person or 30 person family?)

Green Light 

If our success point is achieved by December 2019, build this data into the sales pitch, validate again in 6 months (July 2020)

Success points

- Amount of firewood consumption reduced by 25%

- 60% of our customers still use our stoves

- Save 30% of time from cooking with our stove - 3 hour meal becomes 2 hours etc

- Coughing rating improved by 2 points in 6 months

Orange Light

Given an Orange light, we should aim to redesign our survey to better understand why these changes happened, and potentially redesign the stove to better fit customer needs

Failure Point 

- Amount of firewood usage is not decreased at all, or is increased by any amount

- If 0% of of our customers still use our stoves

- If 0% of time is saved while cooking with our stove or if cooking time increases on average

- If coughing does not reduce, or increases

Red Light 

Given a red light, we should aim to understand whether there is a fundamental flaw in the product, conducting utility tests and testing the stove for ourselves to increase positive impact and meet the metrics

Experiment build: 

A survey form should be created with the following questions:

Survey questions have been designed to measure metrics in a way that the same question can be asked during both or all encounters with the customer. 

(1) # of people still using our stoves: "What is your current cooking method?" (have they switched to our stove?) 

(2) Amount of firewood saved: "How many bundles of firewood per week do you use?" 

- Establish a ‘bundle’ case by case due to variation in what is considered the standard bundle
- Further calculations can be done to determine CO2 saved and amount spent on firewood if desired

(3) Amount of time saved cooking: "What is your favourite dish to cook over a fire?" "How long does it take to cook this dish?"

- Identifying a single dish to enable a comparison between cook times pre and post stove

(4) Reduction in smoke/coughing when cooking on a 1 to 7 scale: "Have you been coughing while cooking?"

- Health measurement: 1 not at all, 2 hardly ever, 3 sometimes, 4 regularly, 5 most cooking sessions, 6 all cooking sessions, 7 all the time, cooking or no

Collecting data

The same survey and questions must be used for every interaction. Data can only be compared when there is an initial and (at least) a second data point recorded for the same individual.

  1. INITIAL DATA POINT: Recorded pre-Fugaun Seguru use 

  2. SECOND DATA POINT - Dec 2019: Recorded post-Fugaun Seguru use. 

  3. THIRD DATA POINT - July 2020 

Analyse recorded data points to assess the impact of Fugaun Seguru

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Nic Makram 5 months ago

Hey Paul,
Can you please edit this so that it is in line with the experiment template, and fix up the formatting so that the post isn't quite so spaced out. In terms of the actual content one thing I would think about changing is just the wording of the second metric. I think just making the metric "% of people still using our stove" at each follow up meeting I think this would be more clear in terms of measurement. Otherwise it all seems okay - I will give it a more thorough read once the formatting is cleaned up.

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Paul Le 5 months ago

Thanks Nic, the edits you suggested have been made.

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Nic Makram 5 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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