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[Proposed Experiment]: Channels - Sales Agents (Taibesi Markets) - Fuel Timor-Leste December 2019

Lean Phase: Channels 

Assumption: A stall at Taibesi Markets is a valid channel for promoting the Fugaun Seguru.

Time Box: 2 weeks during the December project.

Success Metric: The number of Expression of Interest (EOIs) gathered from the stall at Taibesi Markets. This will be gathered from a google form at the stall.

Green Light - Follow up visits to the EOIs and begin to distribute from the stall at Taibesi Markets.

Success Point - More than 10 EOIs (with deposit) per day of operating the stall.

Orange Light - Attempt to partner with a regular vendor and have them help to promote for us.

Failure Point - Less than 2 EOIs (with deposit) per day of operating the stall.

Red Light - Taibesi is not a valid channel for our stove. Look into other possible markets that we can utilise as promotion or distribution channels.

Experiment Build:

1. Write up a pitch which explicitly details the benefits of the Fugaun Seguru. This will be an important factor to secure a stall based on previous attempts.

2. Pitch the promotional stall plans as well as the benefits of the stove to the Ministry of Commerce. Ensure an intern or translator (Tetun and Bahasa) is accompanying the team to the meeting as teams have been declined a stall in the past due to communication issues.

3. Choose two trekkers and one intern to operate the stall throughout the day for the first two days. They will need to empathise with potential EOIs, record the EOI’s data in a google form and convey the unique value of the Fuguan Seguru.

4. Place a demonstration stove in the stall along with several brochures to assist with promotion. The brochures should be sold at a low price ($5) as a deposit so that EOIs can display that they are genuinely interested.

5. Use the first two days to ensure the intern is capable of running the stall by themselves. After the first two days the two trekkers can resume normal project work while the intern operates the stall for the remainder of the experiment.

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Nic Makram 6 months ago

Hey Luke,
Curious to know how you arrived at the success point of 10 EOIs per day of operation. Have you got any data or information regarding the foot traffic at the Taibessi markets? It would be interesting if you could at least get an estimation of this and use a percentage of this number as your success point. Otherwise looks like a really cool experiment and hoping we get the permit this time round to run it!

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Nic Makram 6 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Thomas de Heus 1 month ago

Status label added: Adopted Experiment

Status label removed: Proposed Experiment

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