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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS] Female Sanitation and Hygiene - Offer Test - July 2019

Experiment Design Post:

Lean Phase: Offer testing/ UVP

Purpose: To validate UVP with our customer segment

Assumption: The customer segment identifies with the problem statement and express an interest in the UVP :

'a solution that allows women to menstruate with dignity and comfort, so it no longer impacts day to day life and productivity'

 Time Box: 2 weeks

Success Metric: % of women and girls who respond positively to the UVP ( through experiment build A: providing contact details for future contact, through experiment build B: raising their hand in response to the CTA)

Results from Experiment Build A: Women aged 18+ 

Of the 97 women who completed surveys, 62 responded positively to the UVP and CTA by providing the team with their contact phone number. This equates to a 64% positive response rate and a green light on the success metric. Intended future action is to proceed to currency testing with MVP. 

Validated learning:

The Sanitation Team ran community meetings in Kantukule, Nancholi, Jiya and Kampala in order to conduct research followed by the offer test. These community meetings were split up into 2 groups; the women who felt comfortable completing the written surveys did them independently and those who did not feel comfortable writing took part in focus group discussions (FGD) facilitated by field guides and team members. 

The offer test was run differently for each group. For the women who completed surveys individually, the offer test was conducted by announcing the UVP and CTA towards the end of the survey conduction, and/or were presented with the offer test by a team member when they handed in their survey. The CTA asked women to write their phone number on their survey if they wished to be contacted by the team if we ideated a viable solution that fulfilled the UVP. 

In the focus groups, the offer test was presented at the end of the discussion and those who showed interest provided their name and number. Responses were overwhelmingly positive, however the groups were run in an informal manner and women were coming and going throughout the discussion. Due to this, as well as seeking to remove the possibility of herd mentality in FGD responses, the team decided not to include FGD responses in the offer test results. Although the team chose not to use the results, FGD’s provided invaluable insights to the teams research of the problem and customer segment. 

Results from Experiment Build B: School Girls 

Experiment Build B was run externally from the Sanitation Team through youth group workers and school teachers. Of the 122 participants who filled surveys 97% of girls responded positively to the UVP through raising their hand as an EOI. This gives the offer test experiment a green light on the success metric. 

Note there is a significant amount of risk associated with this experiment build in that the team was not directly involved through any part of its conduction. This means there is potential for the results to be inaccurate, biased or influenced on the part of the facilitator who conducted it. Furthermore there may have been an element of herd mentality. However, the contacts the team organised the facilitation through are highly valued and trusted, they expressed not only the offer test results to the team but the overwhelmingly positive response of participants in identifying with the problem and actively wanting a solution. 


Both experiment builds obtained a green light. Therefore the UVP, “a solution that allows women to menstruate with dignity and comfort, so it no longer impacts day to day life and productivity” was validated as a result of the offer test.

Next Move: 

The success metric of 60% positive responses to the UVP and CTA was surpassed, indicating a green light. The sanitation team will now proceed to commence currency testing within the customer segment.


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