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[Experiment Results]: UVP – Deposits for Trial Run (Restaurants and Cheap Hotels) - Waste Timor-Leste July 2019

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This experiment focused on validating that restaurants and hotels in Dili are willing to pay for a reliable and sustainable collection service. This was achieved through meeting with businesses and offering a trial collection service at a cost of $8 for one rice bag, and a further $5 for each rice bag after that. A maximum of 3 rice bags was allowed for the trial. 

Experiment post: 

Lean Phase: UVP

Assumption: That a reliable recycling service is desired in Dili among restaurants and hotels



Out of 49 businesses called, 19 meetings were booked and 9 deposits were made

Of the 9 businesses that paid deposits, we received deposits for 6 hotels/residencies, 2 cafes, 1 restaurant and 1 general store.

Of the 19 businesses that were surveyed, all were aware of the waste issue in Dili and agreed that they felt sad, frustrated and disappointed because of the lack of emphasis on recycling as well as education. 

3 businesses were willing to pay $18 for 3 bags, and 1 business could not afford the $8 for one bag so paid $5 instead, and 2 more paid $5 as they didn’t want an education workshop. 

3 businesses either couldn’t afford or didn’t want to pay for the service, 2 businesses were already satisfied with their current collection service and the remaining 4 did not sign onto the trial because the manager was not in Dili or they said they were interested and just didn’t commit. 

A green light has been achieved with 47% of people met with paid deposits this month. This success rate exceeds the success metric of 15%.  


Validated Learning:

Results confirm that cheap hotels and some restaurants and cafes are our customer segment. They also affirm the assumption that a recycling service is desired in Dili is correct. At least 6 of businesses who participated in the trial were asking for a regular collection service. This further validates that this service is wanted and needed. 

Since only 1 restaurant signed onto the trial, further validation that this is a customer segment may be required. 


Next Move: 

Further UVP testing for restaurants may still need to be conducted. 

Utility testing of the trial service and moving onto the solution phase of the lean canvas for hotels and residences. 

Repurposing will need to be consolidated before a regular collection service is started up. 

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