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Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Channels, Customer Segment - ERS Traditional Marketing Experiment

Lean Phase: Channels, Customer Segment


  1. The customers are willing to promote posters and/or stickers. 

  2. There is a link between the number of posters and stickers distributed and the number of new customers we have. 


Time Box:1 week. 

Success Metric

  • The number of calls and emails from the distribution of posters and/or stickers.
  • The number of stores and businesses that say yes out of our trial customers to collaborate with us. 


Green Light - Go on to creating a more structured marketing system. 

Success Point 

  • 70% of the current clients are willing to collaborate with us.  
  • 15 new inquiries from the posters and/or stickers. 


Orange Light – Assess the measure that is currently being taken and identify the fault. Re-evaluate the most effective way(s) for marketing and branding in Dili. 


Failure Point – 

  • 30% of our current clients are willing to collaborate with us. 
  • 5 new inquiries from the posters and/or stickers. 


Red Light – Re-evaluate the information and mode of communication in order to tailor to our audience in Dili. 


Experiment Build: 

Channel 1. Create attractive visual displays such as posters and/or stickers for clients to display in their business. 


PCM: Do you want to collaborate with ERS and display our, posters and/or stickers in-store? 

  1. Express the importance of recycling and increased awareness. 

  2. Express how their business can potentially be seen as members of the recycling movement in Dili. 


CTA: Encourage business to display the visuals. 




  • Marketing raises awareness and has potential benefit to the business as it demonstrates that they are part of recycling in Dili.  
  • Ensure that the marketing is tailored to the community in Dili (language). 
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