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[UVP] ERS Timor-leste July 2019

Unique Value Proposition for ERS July 


Lean Phase: UVP



 Our aim is to be a reliable, sustainable and ethical recycling service in Dili. This post will outline our results from our currency testing which have validated that our targeted customer segment is willing to pay for our solution.


Big Picture UVP:

We are providing a reliable, sustainable and ethical recycling service within Dili as a solution to the customer segment’s problem. 


Why is ERS different and worth paying attention? 

Everest Recycling Solutions fosters the longevity of Timor-leste’s natural environment by providing a reliable solution to the countries evident waste management issues. ERS differs from Timor’s status quo as it is a reliable, sustainable and ethical system that enables for positive environmental outcomes. 



  • ERS has been running every week for the past 2 weeks except on the days when the truck driver has been sick. 
  • Payment of our staff ensures reliability; we pay the truck driver $25/day.



  • We recycle. the waste collected from the trial will be repurposed by Caltech and Besi Tua.
  • We stop plastic bottles and aluminium cans from being sent to Tibar.
  • Our service reduces atmospheric pollution by providing a solution to waste burning. It also reduces waste from polluting the environment.



  • The post trial feedback will ensure that we can improve and tailor the service to best suit our customers. 
  • We have been operating in Timor-leste for the past 3 years and thus developed local knowledge 
  • We are a social business striving for social change 

Customer Archetypes:

The UVP solves the negative emotions the customer segment experiences by providing a reliable, sustainable and ethical solution. We trialled 6 residencies, 1 restaurant, 2 cafes and 1 general store who collectively felt sad and frustrated with the waste ending up on the streets, waterways and ocean and fearful and upset about waste being burnt. Additionally, they were dissatisfied with their current waste collection which in majority of cases the government was collecting all waste and disposing it at Tibar. The currency test validated that the participating customer segment was willing to have their problem solved and demonstrated their willingness to participate in a trial collection service for PET plastics and aluminium cans. 

Success was measured in two main ways. Firstly, the number of meetings secured (20) over the number of businesses called (49) which was 40.82% and secondly the number of deposits secured (10) over the number of meetings (20) which was 50.0%. The response rate from business owners and managers willing to participate in ERS’s trial collection service was significant which highlights the demand for our service. 


Next Moves:

ERS is still yet to create a solution of a regular collection service. Further work to validate the UVP includes reaching out to different customer segments, hence succeeding the trial we will conduct offer testing to engineering and construction companies. Further moves include: optimising our service, investigating westerners’ opinions regarding waste, reaching out to repurposing companies and exploring the demand for other recyclables such as cardboard, paper and glass.  


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