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[Proposed Experiment]: Problem - Offer Testing Construction Companies - Waste Timor-Leste July 2019

Lean Phase: Problem

Assumption: The construction companies have metal, paper, cardboard and plastic waste and they are looking for a solution. 

Time Box: 1 week

Success Metric:

Number of companies that agree to join an expression of interest call list.


Green Light - Proceed to currency testing. Reach out to/identify additional customers in the segment.

Success Point – 65% of the companies are actively seeking for a solution.

Orange Light - Optimise, look through the data to reassess the approach. Highly emphasise on the pain point/reevaluate assumptions on pain point.

Failure Point - 30% of the companies might think there is an issue or they think that there is no issue.  

Red Light – This customer segment is not viable for a recycling collection service.


Experiment Build: Two people go to the survey, one person asking questions and taking notes. After the meeting, the team is to write a summary of the meeting and the company’s attitude towards the problem. The team then gathers data on the companies’ waste situation and determines if they would be a valid candidate for a recycling service. 


Sample questions:

How do you currently manage your waste? 

Do you separate your waste? 

What types of waste do you produce? 

How do you get rid of your waste? 

If you burn, where do you burn your waste? 

How does your current waste management make you feel? 

How do you feel about waste on the streets? 

How do you feel about rubbish on the streets and in the ocean?

Have you considered managing your waste differently? 


Gather answers and offer to solve these problems. If they are interested to resolve the issue, call to action by asking for their name, phone number and/or email address. 


Thoroughly assess the problem and customer’s determination to resolve it. If they are interested in the solution assess how much they are willing to pay and move to the next stage of currency testing. 

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