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[Adopted Experiment]: Channels – Sales Agents – Fuel Fiji July 2019

Lean Phase:



1.5 weeks 


Sales Agents are able to collect and submit quality leads which result in sales of the Buka 4.0

Success metric:

Number of qualified EOIs converted to sales


Green light: 

This distribution channel can be scaled if a green light is reached

Identify the sales agents which produced the greatest number of sales. Contact them and find out:

  • the villages/areas they have visited;
  • an estimate of the total number of people they have approached within the timebox;
  • the qualifying questions they asked;
  • the types of people they approached; and
  • any other reasons they believe their work has resulted in many sales.

Use this information to retrain existing sales agents as well as new sales agents

Contact Lincoln Refrigeration and ask them to produce more units

Success point:

4 qualified EOIs result in a sale

Orange light: 

  • Contact EOIs that did not convert to sales and ask about what prevented them from buying the product
  • Optimise the relationship between PEV and sales agents so that they send their leads more frequently and these leads are contacted sooner to prevent leads from going cold 

Failure point:

1 EOI results in a sale 

Red light: 

  • Alter sales agent training to be more comprehensive of the sales pipeline
  • Are the leads generated within specific, validated customer segments? If not, clarify the target markets with sales agents
  • If the quantity of leads is too low relative to the active sales agents, their remuneration will need to be raised
  • Have a stricter procedure for qualifying future sales agents based on desirable qualities like intrinsically-motivated for example

Experiment build:


A sales agent workshop will be held on Tuesday 16 July in the Sigatoka Town Council to train potential sales agents. The workshop will cover an introduction to PEV and the Fuel Project, and details/training of a sales agent’s role in the sales pipeline, including  how to collect leads and organise communication with PEV.

The contents of the workshop are outlined in further detail here:                      

Collection of EOIs

After 1.5 weeks, the sales agents will upload a copy of their EOI sheet to PEV through whatever means of communication was arranged during the Sales Agent Training Workshop (Project Buka Facebook page, mobile phone number). 

Closing the Sale

Sales agents will organise a time suitable for the customer to collect the stove from a market stall in Sigatoka Markets run by Natasha Singh (our cook). These details will be passed to Natasha by the sales agent, through appropriate means of communication agreed by both Natasha and the sales agents. Natasha will contact the customer to confirm the Buka stove pickup and payment. Details of the role of Natasha in the sales pipeline are outlined in the following MOU:

The customers directed to Natasha will be cross referenced with the EOIs given to PEV via the sales agents.

Remunerate Sales Agents

Sales Agents will be paid $5 FJD per close that can be attributed to their leads. This will be paid in Cash when we return to Fiji in December. 

Data Comparison

Call leads and sales agents and find out why certain sales were a success. Use data points mentioned in the green light section above to determine what to focus on when recruiting and training new sales agents.

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