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[Adopted Experiment]: Channels - Retailers - Fuel Fiji July 2019

Lean Phase: Channels

Timebox: 2 weeks 

Assumption: Target market is willing to purchase a stove from a retailer following lead generation activities. 

For the purpose of this experiment, lead generation activity is defined as:

  • Facebook engagement
  • Posters, flyers and other similar promotional material

Success metric: Number of sales of the Buka Stove attributed to each lead generation activity 


Green light: Continue with lead generation activities to direct potential buyers to retailers, as well as ensuring adequate stock for retailers. 

Success point: Two sales from retailers, generated as a result of lead generation activities

Orange light: Rethink the types of lead generation activities 

Failure point: Less than one sale as a result of lead generation activities 

Red light:

  • Assess alternate methods of lead generation activities that will encourage in store sales
  • Assess the viability of retailers as a channel 

Experiment build: 

  1. Ensure Buka Stoves are stocked in B.L Naidu and Shop 2 Save. The fuel team already has a relationship and MOUs in place with these 2 retailers. 

  2. Provide the retailers with the following form which record some details about the sales that will be made. This is used in order for us to collect more data on buyers of Buka stoves from retailers.  

  3. Commence the following lead generation activities

i) Physical Advertising: Physical advertising will be carried out through the design, production and distribution of flyers and posters. Posters will be displayed in the following locations: 

  • Sulu shop (S.V.N Sale Shop)
  • Vodafone 
  • Sigatoka hospital
  • Bus bay
  • Tapoo’s
  • Shivas
  • Hot Bread Bakery
  • Chicken Express
  • Neels Resturant
  • Vilisites Ice Cream Bar

Additionally, flyers will be handed out in Sigatoka Markets as this is a popular destination for our target market to buy and sell fresh produce. 

Posters and flyers will also be displayed in the 2 current retailers of the Buka Stove to increase traction towards the product. 

Find the flyers and poster designs attached. 

Refer to ‘Flyer Distribution’ layer on map for locations of lead generation activities:

ii) Facebook promotion 

The Facebook page will be updated in the following ways to encourage sales: 

  • Posts about the Buka Dragon will be hidden as this model is not for sale at present 
  • Continued posts to build value of the Buka Stove will be made 

 4. After the time box has lapsed, check back in with both retailers to see how many stoves have been sold in that period of time. The forms distributed to the retailers at the beginning of the time box will be collected and we will compare lead generation activities and determine the most viable option moving forward.

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