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[UVP] Fuel Fiji July 2019

Lean Phase: 

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)


To update the progress of the Fiji Sustainable Fuel Consulting project in the UVP section of the lean canvas


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As validated by previous teams, the Buka Stove has the potential to truly improve the quality of life for our customers and deliver value. The solutions provided by the product include: convenience (portability), the option to retain a traditional open-fire flavour and faster cooking times.

Since 90% of people surveyed by the January 19 team expressed a strong preference for cooking with firewood, there is significant market potential for a wood-fired stove that addresses the downsides of open-fire cooking while retaining the benefits. This is where the Buka Stove is positioned.

Further solutions provided by the Buka Stove which are not valued by customers (invalidated in January 19) include lower use of firewood resulting in less carbon emissions and deforestation as well as the health benefits of complete combustion. Less than 48% of the people surveyed claimed they would purchase the stove due to health and safety reasons. Despite this figure, the July team maintains the assumption that the health benefits are an integral part of the product’s UVP. There have been many educated Fijians encountered this month that have spoke about the importance of health. 

The validated elements of the UVP which reduce or eliminate negative emotions experienced by specific customer archetypes (assumptions) can be seen below.

For the indigenous-Fijian mothers living in rural villages, this would look like food which retains the traditional flavour of open fire stoves. The Buka Stoves reduce the frustration experienced through a reduction in cooking time compared to open fire cooking as well as the ease of placing pots on top of the flame. 

For the indigenous-Fijian males working in the agricultural sector aged 30-45, they will be able to carry the Buka Stoves with them in the morning when they leave to go to work in the farm. The frustration they experience from not being able to have a hot lunch during the day will be relieved. Usually, if they wanted to have a hot lunch, they would have to collect a lot of wood and dig a hole for a fire which is tiring. This is not ideal since their work is very physical. Alternatively, this group could also prepare lunch at home and bring to work but this food would become cold so this is also not ideal. The Buka Stove addresses these issues by allowing them to cook food where and when it’s needed.

For the mothers aged 20-40 working in the tourism industry, their helplessness is addressed by the Buka Stoves. This negative emotion arises because they work throughout the day and still have to come home to cook. This added responsibility is worsened by the fact that open fire cooking is very time consuming. The Buka Stove gives them convenience due to the quicker cooking times so they can get dinner prepared faster after work.

For all archetypes, the option of using a kerosene stove is not cost-effective for daily use.

Next Moves:

The Buka Stove offers a unique solution in the target markets consisting of the customer archetypes identified above. 

From meetings with Sales Agents this month, previous customers and villages, they have mentioned certain downsides to the Buka Stove 4.0 such as it being too small or too expensive for PEV’s target markets to afford. However, even if the stove were to be made larger or cheaper, the UVP would always remain the same. This is because the product is in the perfect position to target the needs of early adopters resulting in value creation. 

In the future, the Fuel Team can scale to include various marketing mixes that cater to the needs of the early and late majority who might find more value in a larger stove or a budget option. Currently, the project is focusing on the early adopters who see the core value of the stove and are willing to invest their money in the product.

Also, try to validate the health benefits of using the Buka Stoves more. It is believed the framing of the question was not as clear and effective as it could have been: “Do you like the stove for health/safety?” Also, the sample population was too small to be conclusive (23 people).

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