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[Experiment Results]: Channels - Headmen - Fuel Fiji July 2019

Experiment Design: 


Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: Headmen are willing to act as a sale agent or point of contact using a feasible system 



Green light 


The primary metrics for this experiment were the number of headmen that expressed interest within the allocated time frame which was 1.5 weeks and which option they preferred. Five headmen were surveyed. 


All headmen surveyed were interested in collecting EOIs and passing them onto PEV for them to qualify the lead, build value and close the sale. The headman of Namada expressed some interest in buying a number of stoves at a discounted price and selling these to members of the community himself. 


The success metrics for this experiment was two headmen agreeing to be liaisons with PEV for one of the two pipeline options. Option one, where headmen collect EOI for PEV, had five headmen who were interested, thus this pipeline received a green light.


The results of this experiment can be found here;


Validated learning:


These results supported the assumption that headmen would be willing to act as a sale agent by providing PEV with EOI from villages and surrounding communities. 


The five headmen were from villages in different regions; Malomalo, Cuvu Tore, Namada, Nabau and Votualalai, thus it can be concluded that their interest was not influenced by social proof. 


It was also found that the headmen prefered to see the stoves in person to validate their quality and benefits. 


Next move:  


Due to the green light outcome of this experiment, the Fuel team will begin implementing this system and testing its effectiveness. 


This will involve providing headmen with spreadsheets or books in which to record contact names and numbers. The headmen would then send a photo of these EOI to PEV via facebook or email. PEV may be required to contact these headmen and collect these EOI if no contact is made by the headmen. 


There is the potential to automate the second half of the sales pipeline by directing the EOI to a Sigatoka market stall owned by our cook, Natasha. Otherwise PEV would be able to arrange for the required stoves to be produced and distributed through village visits. 


We will also be testing a system whereby headmen are loaned a few stoves, this experiment design can be found here: 

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