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[Unique Value Proposition] FarmEd Fiji July 2019

Rhys Taylor
Rhys Taylor | 4 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition

Aim: The unique value proposition of FarmEd in Fiji is to provide timely and tailored agricultural information to farmers. This information aims to mitigate the problems faced by the farmers in regards to pest and diseases by providing three different levels of advice from natural to chemical-based solutions.

The FarmEd application is providing farmers with access to timely and tailored information, specific to the farmer's individual issues and up to 10x faster than any currently available solution.

Big Picture: The further development of the FarmEd application in Fiji has the potential of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 

1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere

2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

For the identified customer segment key market, being household and community farmers with access to the internet, this may be seen as less frustration over food security, the potential for greater income, which in turn leads to improved opportunities for themselves and their families. This may be in the form of further education for their children or career success.

Currently, farmers rely heavily on the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) for information. This information is only offered when a large group of farmers coordinates a workshop or through a chat service on WhatsApp. Neither of these occur in a timely manner, some farmers waiting longer than three months for a response. the other issue with this method of accessing information is the lack of specific information to the individual farmers.

The FarmEd Agricultural Pipeline Application solves both of these issues by providing a platform for farmers to submit questions relating to their own issues being faced, the parameters of their soil, fertilizers, and pesticides used, along with an image of the damaged crop in question. We aim to provide the farmers with a method of action in three to five business days, providing a 10x better solution compared to what is currently on offer to the farmers of Fiji. The solution is offered in three different stages of implementation, biological, a combination of biological and chemical, and purely chemical, depending on the farmers access to finances and resources. This will be a combination of traditional farming practices as well as practices implemented in developed countries.

Furthermore, on a larger scale, FarmEd’s unique value proposition is to increase food security by increasing the quality and quantity of crops harvested. This will stimulate the Fijian economy by allowing for family and community farmers being capable of producing more than they require for themselves and selling excess crops in the markets. 

Next Moves: With further development of the application, farmers will potentially have timely and tailored information in regards to issues surrounding Crop Yield, Soil, Market Understanding, Weather, Livestock, Crop Choice and Irrigation as well as pests and diseases. This will allow farmers to produce higher quality crops year round. For this to be achieved it is crucial for the continued development of report between Project Everest Ventures (PEV) and the Fijian communities. There is yet to be an experiment to prove the PEV brand has social value to Fijian farmers however, future experiments can be performed to test this assumption.

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Andrew Vild 4 months ago

Good post, Rhys.

I would definitely like a little more on the actual value proposition and what makes it "unique" rather than just talking about the future potential.

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Rhys Taylor 4 months ago

Hi Andrew,
I have edited the post taking into consideration your comment. Please let me know if there are any more issues.

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Andrew Vild 4 months ago

This is great. Thanks, Rhys.

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Andrew Vild 4 months ago

Status label added: Value Proposition

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Eugenia Muñoz 4 months ago

Looks great Rhys! Could you add the following things:
1. A one liner with the UVP of FarmEd following the 'aim' paragraph. Have this bloded.
2. SDG 2 to your big picture section as this is listed on your problem black label post

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Rhys Taylor 3 months ago

Thanks Eugenia, I've made those adjustments. My first edit has the second SDG I can't believe I missed that in the final one!

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