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[Adopted Experiment]: Channels - Headmen- Fuel Fiji July 2019

Lean Phase: Channels 

Timebox: 2 weeks 

Assumption: Headmen are willing to act as a sale agent or point of contact using a feasible system 

Success Metric: The number of headmen that signal a willingness to become a sale agent using one of the proposed systems. 

Green light: Headmen are willing to act as sales agents – Proceed to implement a sales system that utilizes sales agents. 

Success point: More than 2 headmen agree to act as sales agents for the Buka Stove using one proposed system. 

Orange light:


  • What PEV’s relationship with headmen should look like 
  • The villages being approached 

Failure point: Less than 1 headmen agrees to act as sales agents for the Buka Stove using a given system.

Red light: Consider alternative channels through which the Buka Stoves can reach the customer.  

Experiment build:

1. Village visits will be conducted to speak to various headmen. Villages will be targeted based on the following criteria: 

  • Close to Sigatoka Town, on the main road
  • Number of previous EOIs/sales for the Buka Stove 

2. The following survey will be used to assess the willingness of headmen to act as a distribution channel for the Buka Stove: 

This survey involves proposing 2 options of relationships between PEV and the headmen. These options differ in the level of commitment required from headmen, and are illustrated in the attached spreadsheet. The willingness of headmen to engage in either such relationship will be assessed

3. Based on survey results, the most viable sales pipeline option will be determined.

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