Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Customer Segment - Financial Institutions - Social Consulting Fiji July 2019

Lean Phase: Problem/Customer Segment

Experiment is to be run concurrently with:

Assumption: FI’s can be a potential early adopter for PEV. They:

  • Have identified the problem of accessing or profiling customers due to poor processes and strict requirements. This means they are missing out on viable customer segments such as small businesses. 
  • Are aware of the fact that they have this problem accessing or profiling customers.
  • Are willing to pay for a solution to solve this problem.

Time Box: 3 Weeks

Success Metric:

% of FI's that identify as an early adopter, meaning: 

- They identify they have a problem.

- Want to solve this problem. 

- Are willing to pay for a solution, shown by investment in other solutions that increase access to more customers.

Goal: Speak to 10 FI’s


Green Light: Go on to offer test the FIs about working with PEV to expand their customer base. 

Success Point: 25% of FIs are identified as early adopters

Orange Light: Form a case study of early adopter identified. 

Failure Point: 10% of FIs are identified as early adopters 

Red Light: Focus the solution to be solely based on micro-businesses, and use FI’s as key stakeholders that provide information.

Experiment Build:


  1. Create a survey and interview script to be able to identify number of banks as early adopters.

  2. Plan meetings with FIs across Nadi, Sigatoka and Suva after consulting HubSpot and Google Drive. Update Meeting Date Spreadsheet prior to contacting FI’s.

  3. Conduct rehearsals and trainings with the team in order to execute the surveys effectively.

  4. Conduct interviews with at least 10 FIs to identify customer segment.

  5. Upon completion of the interviews, collect data and identify the banks as either early adopters, early/late majorities and stakeholders. Update HubSpot as required with meeting details.

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