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Adopted Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Problem Definition - For Micro-businesses Fiji July 2019

Lean Phase: Problem/Customer Segment

This experiment is to be run concurrently with SoCon I

To be conducted concurrently with:

Assumption: Individuals must complete set requirements to access a minimum loan. 

Time Box: 3 Weeks

Success Metric: % of FIs that have set loan requirements

Goal: Interview 10 FI’s


Green Light: Go on to offer test micro-businesses 

Success Point: 60% of FIs have set loan requirements

Orange Light: Redefine and rephrase questions to determine problem

Failure Point: 30% of FIs have set loan requirements

Red Light: Shift view and redesign the experiment about the problem space

Experiment Build:

Survey: Link:

  1. Create a survey to collect data about the set requirements to access loans.

  2. Write questionnaire script to be utilised throughout the interview as a foundation and guide to direct the collection of data.

  3. Organise interviews with FIs.

  4. Logistical research eg. transport, team splits, etc 

  5. Fill up meeting dates spreadsheet on Workhub

  6. Conduct the surveys

  7. Log interview notes on Hubspot meeting log

  8. Follow on interviews if needed, or setting up meetings with additional FI’s that were identified by the initial FI’s .

  9. Analyze results of survey

  10. Build a consolidated list of requirements for each FI to access a minimum loan

  11. Upload results to Crowdicity

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