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[Proposed Experiment] Solution - Currency Testing - FarmEd July 2019

Rhys Taylor
Rhys Taylor | 6 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase: Solution (sales / early adopters)

Assumption: Small subsistence farmer customer segment demand a solution (the app) for the diagnosis and treatment of pests and diseases and are willing to pay $1 flat for the MVP

Time Box: 1 week 

Key metrics: Number sales for the service provided through both the Application and Facebook.

Success point: 60% of people purchase the service available through either the Application or Facebook.

Green light:

  • Continue selling the service 
  • Continue pitching

Orange light range: 30-60% of people purchase the app

Orange light:

  • Continue selling the service to farmers
  • Re-evaluate the pitch
  • Continue finding potential buyers
  • Ask customers for feedback as to why they weren’t willing to purchase
  • Implement feedback into the following pitches, tell developers (if it is a problem with how the app is run)

Failure point: Less than 30% of people purchase the service through both the Application or Facebook.

Red light:

  •  Identify why farmers are unwilling to purchase the service
  • Costs - how much are they willing to pay? How much do they make from selling their crops?
  • Adjust the pitching and demonstration approach
  • Address key feature issues

Experiment build:


Ensure all Trekkers are familiar with the pitching approach for app and Facebook option

Ensure all Trekkers have access to the link to distribute the app and access to a phone for demonstrations

Ensure all trekkers understand the context behind specific villagers prior to entry and encounter using HubSpot as a resource

Ensure all trekkers understand how to use the app and the information that should be provided should farmers use the Facebook service

Farm selection: village should have smartphones/smart devices, local Fijian farmers, home food producers (subsistence farmers), villages that bought the previous app, villages that Farm Ed has not previously visited


Pitch the application and run demos using the app on Android phones or alternatively provide the details of the Facebook page where messages and questions can be directed.

Ask if they want to buy the app


Collect data on sales and customer feedback

Record on Hubspot

What worked well when pitching and tie into developing a blueprint for accessing early adopters.


Creating Surveys – Stage by Stage break down:



Village visit

(More Sales oriented)


Receiving Qs and Sending As


Assess Implementation

(More survey oriented)

Currency Testing

-        Ask qualifying Qs (i.e. are they a farmer? Do they have pest and disease problems?) – ‘blueprint’ of how to access early adopters

-        Make sales


-        Want to subscribe to the app for another month

-        Did they recommend to anyone?  How many?

Utility Testing

-        Can they download the app

-        Are they using the app

-        Quality of info. we receive

-        Can we answer the Qs they send?

-        Asking for more info.

-        Have they been able to implement advice? à Access to resources?

Solution Testing


-        Sending Qs related to core functions of the app

-        Q’s about non-core function OR to FB

-        Why didn’t Qs relate to core function?

-        What Qs do they ask?


Link to survey design:

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