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Adopted Experiment

[Adopted Experiment]: Financial Analysis

Lean Phase: Revenue Streams / Cost Structure 


That users are able to assess and evaluate the financial situation of ERS given a variety of customers and stakeholders. 

Time Box:

1 weeks

Success Metric

% of people (within PEV) are able to comprehend the financial information and draw sound conclusions about the financial situation of ERS. 


Green Light- Create a future template for financial analysis and financial tracking.  

Success Point – 80% can understand + Andrew 

Orange Light – Assess the reasons for not being able to understand the information and draw conclusions. Re-evaluate the format or data presentation type. 

Failure Point –50%can understandOR Andrew can’t 

Red Light– Re-evaluate the formatting of the data. Double check that all the numbers and statistics make sense. Potentially perform feedback surveys. 

Experiment Build:

  1. Gather data from previous months including inflows, outflows and costs 
  2. Compile a cash flow statement (with assistance from Lucy and Xero)
  3. Create a presentation (preferably on Tableau)



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