Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

[ADOPTED EXPERIMENT]: Key Stakeholders – Caltech, Heinekin, Verde, KOR - Waste Timor-Leste July 2019

Lean Phase: Solution


That we are able to build relationships key stakeholders who will assist with repurposing of our recyclables. 

Time Box:

1 weeks

Success Metric

Number of secondary meetings set up with stakeholders who are actually repurposing recycling.


Green Light- Continue with developing a partnership agreement and scoping out the terms and functionality. 

Success Point – 2 stakeholders

Orange Light – Assess the reasons for not continuing the relationship. Evaluate whether changes are needed in the meeting structure and delivery, or to the value proposed.   

Failure Point –0 stakeholders

Red Light– Make an assessment of the viability of other key stakeholders. Make any changes necessary from the meeting and attempt to organise a second one if desired. 


Experiment Build:

Channel 1:Call or email stakeholders (whatever has been done previously) and organise a meeting  

  1. Prepare for meeting by reading previous minutes and understanding relationship 
  2. Ask them where they are at with repurposing, and for a timeline moving forward
    1. IF this is positive (i.e. they’re ready to go) – proceed to bring up partnership negotiations
    2. IF this is negative (i.e. still can’t get machinery etc) – let them know to keep us updated but for the time being we won’t get into a partnership. 
    3. Make a list of actions on for both parties and set up a next meeting time
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