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[Adopted Experiment]: Channels - Retail Stores – Fuel II Timor-Leste July 2019

Lean Phase:



Other retail stores are happy to buy and display our stoves on an ongoing basis.

Time Period:

2 weeks

Success Metric:

% of hardware stores visited that will buy our stove


Green Light- Order stoves upon conclusion of experiment for stores - when sold out, contact us to produce and deliver more

Success point: More than 25% of shops are willing to buy stove (>5)

Orange Light- Collect data on why retail stores will and won’t buy stoves – once problem is identified, iterate sales pitch, also repeat green light for any yes outcomes

Failure Point: less than 5% are willing to buy stove (<1)

Red Light: Iterate pitch after collecting data on why not and move to different market such as cooking shops or textiles and repeat experiment with new industry channel.


Experiment build:

  1. Quantitative visit 20 retail shops of each market with stove prototype and pitch offer to owner: ‘Buy 5 stoves and order more when sold out, email or call us to order more’:

  2. Fill out google form survey regarding why they said no; this data will be used to tweak sales pitch

  3. Train the staff on the benefits of our stove and how to sell correctly alongside the booklet.

  4. Order stoves and prepare books for customer details so we can follow up utility tests in summer and refine distribution method

  5. Setting up a system for when they call or email us to order more stoves and to maintain partnership. 

  6. This experiment will be repeated for each market

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edited on 25th July 2019, 03:07 by Lucy Preiss

Lucy Preiss 4 months ago

Hi Lachie! I will adopt this post when the results from this experiment: are posted. If the results are a green light, I would place a higher priority on solidifying the Vinod Patel partnership and establishing efficient order/delivery/payment systems with the one retailer first. After solidifying this partnership, we can move onto this experiment for scale. If the results are a red light, then lets look at different retailers using this experiment. Perhaps you could consider more closely where our customer segment shops.

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Patrick Edwards 4 months ago

Additionally, could you focus on fleshing out the sales pipeline for the one retailer? It sounds really interesting, but could you increase points of contact, bring more people into the hardware store to have a greater reach and likelihood that they will convert to customers.

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Lucy Preiss 4 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Patrick Edwards 4 months ago

Hi Lachie!
The opportunity here looks very exciting!
Just checking if you intend to have a similar build to the February - July experiment - "Train the staff on the product so they are familiar and able to promote it effectively. Also supply them with a manual explaining all the information about the stove." As well as "Empathise with customers to gather data on what impacts their ability to purchase stoves from Vinod Patel.".
Also, surveying the customers if the experiment is a success also could assist you to further refine the customer segment who purchase stoves from this channel, iterate the process, and provide information for other potential channels in the future.

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Lucy Preiss 4 months ago

Status label added: Experiment Results

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Lucy Preiss 4 months ago

Status label added: Adopted Experiment

Status labels removed: Proposed Experiment, Experiment Results

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