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[Experiment Adopted]: UVP – Deposits for Trial Run (Restaurants and Cheap Hotels) - Waste Timor-Leste July 2019

Lean Phase: UVP  


That a reliable recycling service is desired in Dili among restaurants and hotels

Time Box:

2 weeks

Success Metric

Number of deposits paid for a trial run service. 


Green Light - Perform the service, assessing the feedback from the trial. Sign the trial customers onto a regular contract. 

Success Point – 15% pay a deposit 

Orange Light – Assess the reasons for not signing and re-evaluate the sales pitch or the trial structure.  

Failure Point – 6% pay a deposit

Red Light– Re-evaluate the value proposed and the structure of the service proposed. Continue with offer testing for different customer segments. 


Experiment Build:

Channel 1: Call restaurants and hotels off the call sheets on the drive, that either haven’t been contacted or that have shown an expression of interest but haven’t been followed up. 

PCM: Do you want to hear about a reliable collection service for your waste? 

1. Ask them if they’ve heard of recycling or ERS. Ask whether they have many recyclables

2. Tell them a little bit about what we do

CTA: Set a time to meet the manager


Channel 2: Have meeting with the business

PCM: Do you want to test a reliable collection service that will manage your waste problem. 

1. Talk through their waste and what that situation is. Try and deduce current methods of waste management and how happy they are. 

2. Give background to ERS and what we do, satisfying their need. 

3. Offer the trial run collection service

CTA: Put down a deposit for a trial run next week. 



-      Put pressure on potential customer by only offering 1 (maybe 2 days) to participate. 

-      Trial for us and them

-      $4 for it to occur 1 time, will include a mini workshop and a collection 

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