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[Adopted Experiment]: Solution - Farmers - FarmEd Timor-Leste July 2019

Adrian Zenteno
Adrian Zenteno | 4 months ago | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

Lean Phase: Solution (MVP)

Question: Will the case studies be willing to change to the New FarmEd App?

Purpose: To convert the current case studies from the previous FarmEd App (Govi Nena) to the New FarmEd App.


The case studies:

  • Did not find the previous app useful and are looking for either a refund or a better app

Time Box:  1 week

Success Metric: % of case studies that want to adopt the New FarmEd App.


Green Light: Proceed with sale of New FarmEd App

Success point: 75% or more of the case studies are willing to change to the new app

Orange light:  Collect feedback on the failure of the previous app and what they liked and disliked about the new app. With the feedback reiterate to optimize the app.

Failure point: 50% or less of the case studies are willing to buy the new app

Red Light: Offer new app for free or a refund to protect PEVs reputation



Experiment build:

Convert the current case studies into new FarmEd app sales

  • Read the case studies’ information prior to approaching them, their profiles can be found here
  • Arrange and conduct meetings with case studies to demonstrate the new app, its improvements and prepare a sales pitch:
  • Organise translators, ensure they are thoroughly across the service and value of what we are selling
  • Set up a sales tracker spreadsheet to record all details of successful sale customers
  • Write a survey of questions to ask unsuccessful sale customers
  • Include an accurate demographic assessment i.e. age, income, number of farmers per village, crops etc.
    • Follow ‘7 steps of sales’ methodology to develop an effective sales pitch
    • Rehearse sales pitch
    • Rehearse demonstrating the app 
    • Practice downloading and setting up application on phones (follow this document)

If the case studies found the app useful, this information should also be recorded.

edited on 2nd July 2019, 22:07 by Lucy Preiss

Lucy Preiss 4 months ago

Hi Adrian, this needs to be more focussed around the fact that the Govi Nena App no longer exists and we are moving to a new app. Realistically, the purpose of experiment is centred more around converting Govi Nena sales to New App sales, and collecting feedback as a side note. The green, orange and red actions on should be updated accordingly.

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Lucy Preiss 4 months ago

Status label added: Adopted Experiment

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Patrick Edwards 4 months ago

Hey Adrian,
Again, I'd love to see the sales pitch that you produce!
Also - are you inferring that you will only provide a refund or free app if once you have completed the surveys, less than 50% are willing to buy the app and thus you will need to return to them later to do so? How do you plan on framing this to the farmers?

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