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[Distribution Channels]: Solar Consulting - Malawi June 2019

The solar consulting team has multiple channels of getting the product to our customer segment. Some are temporary and non-scalable and others still need to be validated by experiment. 

Chief-Agents → Reduces team admin and increases scaling of business. 

This is a new distribution channel currently in experimental stage showing huge potential. The 2019 June team has found that by using the chief as an agent we solve many problems that past teams have faced.

  1. We reduce the risk of defaulting. In order for the chief to be an agent he must also be a guarantor. Through this system Moyo Energy transfers most of the risk onto the chiefs in who they choose to give loans to. 

  1. More awareness for the product. Chiefs are able to round up villagers more efficiently than we are due to their influence in communities. 

  1. Creating incentive for sales through a commission scheme. By implementing a commission scheme (specified in the chiefs as agents experiment) we give the chief the incentive to increase the amount of sales since they are able to increase their own returns. This inturn increases Moyo Energy’s sales and revenue. 

Airtel/Mpamba Agents → Reduces need for PEV presence in communities and allows for stocking of products in villages.

Similar to the chief-agents channel, this is in the experimental stage however holds similar potential in regards in becoming a main distribution channel. 

The Airtel/Mpamba agents will hold stock and receive the same commission as the chief agents. They as well will become the guarantor for loan payments made to reduce the risk of default.  

Community Meetings → Establishes PEV presence and awareness in communities. 

The community meetings channel is utilised to bring community awareness to who Project Everest is and, more specifically, what benefits Moyo Energy’s GD-Lite will bring them. 

This channel will be then supported by the chief as agents channel which will enable the EOIs from these meetings to purchase our product. Some face-to-face sales may be achieved after the meetings however unlikely due to the amount of deposit required for the product and the on hand cash the average Malawian carries. 

Face-to-Face Sales → Creates a personalized need for the product. 

This was the original and most basic channel of sales. It involves driving into communities and pitching the solar product to villagers. Sales pitches are able to be tailored to the individual villager. Villagers are shown how much they regularly spend on candles and how the solar product fares favourably in comparison. Customers often come back with positive feedback and share this via word of mouth.


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