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[Adopted Experiment]: Customer Segment Agriculture Assessment India July 2019

Lean Phase: Customer Segment

Question: Does the target beneficiary recognise that they have the problem we are trying to solve? Who could be our early adopters?

Purpose: To validate our assumed early adopters.


Our assumed early adopters* are:

  • Farmers in urban-rural areas
  • Farmers in rural areas

*NOTE: some ‘farmers’ may not identify as farmers, however, they manage personal land using traditional small-scale agricultural practice to grow food to feed their family and generate additional income outside of their identified profession.

The assumption that we are testing:

Farmers aren’t able to efficiently adapt to changes in soil parameters, (pH, soil moisture content, macronutrients, erosion), in a changing climate.

Farmers aren’t able to identify the array of pests and disease that negatively impact their crop.

Farmers do not have reliable and appropriate access to the water needed to sustain a profitable crop.

Farmers have access to smart technology that could facilitate the FarmEd or a FarmEd style application.

Farmers produce profitably, repurposable, agricultural byproducts that they are yet to capitalise on.

Time Box:  2 weeks 

Success Metric: % of farmers who are seeking a solution to agricultural challenges.


Green Light: Proceed with offer testing with early adopters.

Success point: More than 60% of those engaged through the channel are currently seeking a solution.

Orange light: Continue to test variations of this channel to seek greater conversion. If the outcome falls below the success metric, but there have been significant observed trends in those taking action towards solving problems that exist in the same space, the experiment can be optimised such that the existing definition of customer segment is narrowed in line with those trends.

Failure point: Less than 20% of those engaged are currently seeking a solution.

Red Light: Ideate other early adopters and their behaviour and further channels as per the research and experiment.

Experiment build:

Validate whether or not the identified customer segment(s) are early adopters by conducting empathy style interviews with farmers from 1 or more demographics (reference and

To do this, the following steps will be taken - 

    • Construct a list of questions that explore general demographic criteria and assumed agricultural challenges.
    • Conduct 50 interviews in Agriculture Study Site 1 and Agriculture Study Site 2 using the list of questions, whilst still empathising with the farmers to understand the problems they identify.
    • Analyse the results of these surveys by entering them into the Almanac (online data collecting system).
    • From these findings, identify the present Customer Segment(s) relevant to Agriculture.


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