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Adopted Experiment

[Proposed Experiment] Offer Test Micro-enterprises July Fiji

Lean Phase: UVP

Assumption: Micro-enterprises in Fiji are willing to meet with PEV to understand and discuss methods and solutions to financial management. 

Time Box: 2 weeks

Success Metric: The number of micro-enterprises that find value in a solution to help them with financial management.


Green Light: Proceed to currency testing and building out MVP deliverable.

Success Point: 50% of businesses agree to a follow up meeting.

Orange Light: Adapt the UVP or sales pitch and proceed as necessary

Failure Point: Less than 20% of businesses agree to a follow up meeting.

Red Light: Re-visit problem definition.

Experiment Build

1. Build out sales pitch and interview questions.
2. Organise meetings with businesses according to the village visit SOP.
3. Do rehearsals and prepare for meetings.
4. Conduct offer tests.
5. Post-interview, collate data and determine if green/red light. - Section 6

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Rose Martin 8 months ago

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Jess Riley 7 months ago

Hey Rose!

What are you offer testing?

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Eugenia Muñoz 6 months ago

Hi team, things you need to get out of your survey:
- Are they an early adopter?
- If so, are they interested in a budgeting solution to help them expand their business?

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Eugenia Muñoz 6 months ago

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