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[Proposed Experiment] Currency Test Solar Malawi July

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption: The solar team are ‘willing to pay’ for access to the Microfinance ‘product in a box’ solution, and the solar team will prove this by paying with usage of the system.

Time Box: 2 weeks.

Success Metric: The success of this experiment will be measured by whether the solar team actively uses this ‘product in a box’ system, which will be tested with sales of the solar unit.


Green Light: Proceed to utility testing and iterating on the ‘product in a box’ solution.

Success Point: If the ‘product in a box’ system gets 20 usage points by being used to loan a solar unit to 20 customers.

Orange Light: Iterate on the ‘product in a box’ system and understand the reasons as to why the success point cannot be reached.

Failure Point: If the ‘product in a box’ system is used for less than 5 customers.

Red Light: Iterate on the ‘product in a box’ and understand how to value this system for the Microfinance team.

Experiment Build:

  1. Offer the solar team the ‘product in a box’ solution with an SOP of how to use the criteria for this MVP. Note that this solution that we are currency testing will be an MVP as we have not utility tested or iterated on this solution yet. The initial usage tests for this currency test will provide grounds for further iterations.

  2. Allow the solar team to begin their usage tests of this solution. During this process the Microfinance team should proceed to work with solar, observing the sales and usage of this MVP, in order to take notes on where the MVP can be iterated and improved (these notes and observations are extremely important and will form the basis of future utility tests).

  3. Collect data on usage and proceed or iterate as necessary in line with success metrics.

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