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[Proposed Experiment] Customer Segment/Problem for Micro-Enterprises July 2019

Lean Phase: Problem/Customer Segment

Question: Does our customer segment have difficulty managing their finances?


Micro-enterprises in Fiji identify a lack of access to financial management and budgeting resources in enabling their businesses to grow, diversify, or run as they please.

Time Box: 2 weeks

Success Metric:

Whether the proposed customer segment identifies with the assumed problem, measured by the % of micro-enterprises seeking a solution to financial management challenges.

Approach 60 micro-enterprises; 30 from coastal villages, and 30 from inland villages.


Green Light: Proceed with offer testing with early adopters.  

Success Point: More than 50% of those engaged are currently seeking a solution to their problem.

Orange Light: Continue to test and understand the problem around financial access and different solutions in Fiji, and adjust the experiment as such.

Failure Point: Less than 30% of those engaged are currently seeking a solution.

Red Light: Ideate other early adopters/problems and their behaviour and further channels as per the research experiment.

Experiment Build:

  1. Create a survey and interview script to address the problem
  2. Plan village visits in consultation with HubSpot and the village map, and plan an equal number of visits to inland and coastal villages covering a range of different micro-enterprises.
  3. Conduct rehearsals and training with the team in order to execute the surveys effectively.
  4. Conduct 30 interviews with coastal villages, and 30 interviews with inland villages
  5. Post-interviews: collate data and create problem definition and black label as necessary.


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Rose Martin 5 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Audrey Frank 3 months ago

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Eugenia Muñoz 3 months ago

Hi team, things you need to get out of your survey:
- who are the people who experience budgeting issues and are wanting to expand their business? (customer segment)
- within those who are the people who have a problem, recognise they have a problem, are currently seeking a solution? (early adopters)
- what are the specific issues that people face when budgeting? (problem statement)

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Eugenia Muñoz 3 months ago

Status label added: Adopted Experiment

Status label removed: Proposed Experiment

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