Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Waste Fiji July 2019 - Revenue Streams and Channels

Lean Phase: Revenue Streams and Channels

Assumption: Coca Cola Amatil is willing to take all plastic bottle and aluminium can waste, and work with us to find the most efficient partnership solution.

Time Period: 2 weeks

Metric: Level of partnership able to be formed with Coca Cola Amatil,


Green Light: Proceed with other logistics of the business.

Success Point: CCA willing to take 100% of the plastic bottle and aluminium can waste we collect, with no input in our business or logistics.

Orange Light: Work with CCA to determine the most efficient partnership and distribution of the collection activities and the repurposing activities between the two parties.

Failure Point: CCA not willing to take any of our plastic bottle or aluminium can waste.

Red Light: Investigate other repurposing partners in Fiji and other Pacific Islands.

Experiment Build:

  • Meet with CCA
  • Develop partnership agreement
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Lucy Preiss 1 month ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Rose Martin 1 month ago

Do you reckon this is worth doing in July?
Rate the experiment as a concept for sure but do you think time would be better spent using CCA as a resource for information on the problem of waste in Fij and building out customer segment/problem space first, before looking to lock in partnership with them?
Because realistically we wouldn't need any binding partnership after we've looked at solutions space and offer tested that this is something that people will want if that makes sense. So definitely we will have some relationship with them in July but what's your thoughts on developing a partnership with them right away?

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Lucy Preiss 1 month ago

I will find and link you all the info CCA has already provided about the problem of waste in Fiji over the next two days or so - that's a good call out.
The reason I proposed this for July is so that we don't end up with another situation where we are massively blocked by the end use. I think we can meet with CCA and gain a better understanding of where they sit and how they want to work with us (and do so without spending too much time on it), whilst keeping expectations managed with them. This to me is better than an alternative where we get a huge green light on the other experiment, and then in December realise we can't actually proceed with collection. Does that make sense?

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Jess Riley 2 weeks ago

Hey Ladies,

Super exciting to get this project going in Fiji, probably further to Rose's point, I'm curious as to what you have to offer CCA in July, without a defined problem, customer segment, or solution. From a stakeholder relationship perspective, I would be cautious to have a clear exchange prepared before arranging this meeting, whether that be information, service etc, so as to not waste the time now of a key stakeholder that will be pivotal in the future, from an impact perspective.

Also, if the relationship with CCA is a long term block for the project, I would be more concerned with the legitimacy of the project itself, and proving that there is business viability in this space in your own right, if this partnership is the whole foundation of a successful project I would suggest a bigger focus on end-state offering from a PEV business, and I think given this is your initial project month, you have that sort of time...

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