Adopted Experiment

[Adopted Experiment] Project Demographic Evaluation Energy Assessment India July 2019

Problem Identification

Defining our project area

Lean Phase:

Customer Segments


In beginning a new project in a new area, Project Everest Ventures needs to determine a physical project area to conduct our initial assessment. There are three main demographics we will need to get an understanding of:

  • Rural
  • Urban-Rural
  • Urban/Slum

There is a need for alternative energy sources that are either more reliable, cost-effective or better for the user's health (or all of the above).

The existing infrastructure does not support the current needs of the targeted demographic and alternatives could improve quality of life and opportunities.

Time Box:

2 weeks

Success Metric:

30 households are surveyed within each of the demographics to understand data surrounding existing access to energy sources for light, charging phones and other basic uses.

Of the 30 households successfully surveyed, analysis shows that we would be able to service 10-30% of them with an alternative energy source, enabling offer testing to commence.


Green Light - This will become a priority demographic to focus on with respect to offer testing.

Success Point – 30 households surveyed within a particular demographic, 30% or greater have evident issues with their existing (or lack of) solution.

Orange Light – Re-evaluate whether the surveyed demographic is appropriate. Either find a similar demographic in a different part of our area of operation or focus on other demographics that need our attention.

Failure Point – Less than 10% of households surveyed have issues with their existing source of light or electricity.

Red Light – The proposed demographic is not suitable for our proposed Energy Assessment Project and will be ruled out as an area of focus.

Experiment Build:


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