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Proposed Experiment

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Food Survey Photographs: Utility Test - July 2019

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption: Having clear and concise photographs to accompany different fruit and vegetable recommendations will make the food survey, and app in general, easier to understand.

Time Box: July Weeks 2-3

Success Metric: Percentage of positive reaction to accompanying photos


Green Light- Assumption is confirmed. Photographs can be used in application to help in identifying which foods are what.

Success point- 60% of the customers surveyed had a positive reaction to the accompanying pictures.

Orange Light- Between 20% and 60% of customers had a positive reaction. Consider how the photos are being taken and what changes can be made to make them more clear and concise.

Red Light- The experiment results contradict the assumption that photographs will help relaying information in the food survey.

Failure Point- 20% or less of customers had a positive reaction.

Experiment build:

  1. Write up a list of all the foods included on the food survey

  2. Collect and take photos of these foods. The photos should be clear and readily obvious as to what the food is.

  3. Send the photos to WSU to upload as part of the USTAWI application.

  4. When surveying customers, make sure to collect data on what they think of the photos used.

  5. Analyse percentage of positive reactions to photographs used

  6. Victory


  • Where possible, the photos should be taken without having to buy the foods. This can possibly be done at the markets or in shopping centres.

  • The photos should be kept as streamlined as possible to avoid confusion or disruption of flow in the application.

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