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[Experiment Results]: Channels (Time Warp) Amisen April 2019

Isabella Strapp
Isabella Strapp | 5 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: The face to face village channel is a scalable means of PEV delivering their product.

Time Box 15 Months

Success Metric: The percentage increase in annual reach.

Green Light:  Proceed to use the F2F Channel as it has been proved scalable.

Success Point: <90% increase in annual customer reach

Orange Light : Look at extending current channel through other means.

Red Light: >50% increase in annual customer reach.

Failure Protocol: Channel not deep enough to sustain gap between loan amount and estimated needs of $12500. Acquire an extra $2500 from Reinado’s Financial Services

Experiment Build:

  1. Design a role for new sales representatives.

  2. Hire and proficiently train 6 representatives.

  3. Allocate representatives a target area.

  4. Have Representatives sell service over the next 15 months.

  5. Count amount of people representatives spoken to each day, and the amount of people who engage with and buy the service 

  • Measure annual reach.
  • Measure conversion rates.
  1. Victory

  2. Use data to update FOCUS financial spreadsheets, more specifically the annual reach and currency conversion.

  3. Extra funding will not come in the form of revenue, other forms of capital accumulation must be considered

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Andrew Vild 5 months ago

I am concerned only increasing your customer base by 90% is not enough. (this means if you have 10 customers, you will increase to 18).

Of the 6 representatives you have, they average 3 a week. This is after a lead time of 7 days to build rapport and a general understanding of whether they are suitable for the product.

Therefore, over a 15 month period 65 weeks x 3 sales x 6 sales agents = 1170 new customers at the end of the time warp.

You do have a 5% default rate to take into account into your losses.

Annual reach is in the order of 7000-8000 per 15 month period.

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