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[Proposed Experiment]: Health Channels Experiment Amisen April 2019

Abbey Dyson
Abbey Dyson | 3 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

 Lean Phase: Channels

Assumptions: An increase in nurses collecting EOIs will deepen our channels and generate more revenue.

 Time Box:

 3 hours

 Success Metric

The number of EOI collected from different channels.

The overall conversion rate from beginning to end of funnel (EOI from new channels to purchasing of MVP)


Green Light- The deepened channels generate the same EOI conversion rates as the original channel

Success Point – <60% of the deepened channels have the same conversion rate.

Orange Light – Re-evaluate deepened channels

Failure Point – >30% of the deepened channels have the same conversion rate.

Red Light – Reconsider Sylvia as channel source

 Experiment Build:

1)    Contact Sylvia, update her on our current position, ask to have her recruit other nurses for first stage of funnel (collecting EOIS)

2)    Contact EOIs and carry them through the currency ladder as has been done previously (link to currency test)

3)    Collect qualitative data around qualification of leads from new channels  

4)    Compare the results (conversions) to original channel

 The only variable that changes from previous engagement with leads (original channel) is the channel sources so that we can be sure any changes in results are a direct result of this factor. These results will be carried through the 3-month time warp, at which time further utility tests will be carried out on customers.

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