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[Experiment Results]: Utility test #2 (supply chain) Fuel Amisen April 2019

Lily Partridge
Lily Partridge | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Reference to Experiment Post:[Proposed Experiment]: Utility test #2 (supply chain) Fuel Amisen April 2019


Lean phase: Solution  

Assumption: The supply chain for our fuel solution is scalable.

7 additional customers purchasing on a consistent basis (every 1-2 days) and 4 additional suppliers.
There have been additional ad hoc sales from other members of the community equivalent to approximately 23 sales per week.
This is a green light, and we will proceed with the next actions.

Comments: Customers mentioned that they had heard of these briquettes from the newspaper and had some one-off sales from Vengara members. There could be an option to optimise the process of gathering the biomass in a more efficient way that would get more farmers on board. At the end of the month, we conducted a F2F survey on the success of the briquettes and the satisfaction of the customers. From our survey we found that most customers were purchasing the briquettes every 1-2 days in advance and were satisfied with the quality of the briquettes as an alternative. 

Validated Learning: Customers did see the value in the briquettes and 80% of the new customers came from word-of-mouth. Farmers value the additional revenue stream that comes from materials that they would normally throw away.

Next move: Test the supply chain between ag-waste producers and the briquettes. Gain enough revenue to purchase secondary presses. Explore opportunities for subscription options and a digital base.


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