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[Experiment Results]: Utility Test (1 Month Experiment) Nutrition Amisen April 2019

Lily Partridge
Lily Partridge | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Reference to Experiment Post: [Proposed Experiment]: Utility Test (1 Month Warp) Nutrition Amisen April 2019

Experiment post:

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption:This experiment focused on validating the assumption that customers who had purchased and trialed a ‘nutrition box’ over a one month period, felt satisfied that the product delivered the following values:
- Easy to access
- Convenient in delivery
- Increases nutrient and / or diet variety 

At the start of the month, we had 5 customers. These were the same 5 customers that remained on-board following the week-long utility test.
By the end of the month (4 weeks), we had engaged 19 new customers (24 total) out of a total 30 families in Vengara. All 5 of the original customers remained on board for the period of the entire month.

We only surveyed customers who had used the product for a period of at least 1 week (18). We had (6) new customers come on board within a week of conducting the survey.
Of the 18 that we through the survey with: 88% of customers were satisfied (average score of 8.5 satisfaction rating across all areas), and responded positively to the product. A green light has been achieved. We will continue to conduct further utility tests, and testing the feasibility of tech-based ordering systems.

Some key stats and findings from the survey was found below.
1. Have you purchased additional supplements? If so how much did you spend and what did you purchase? Customers who had engaged for longer with the product (3+ weeks) had begun supplementing their packs with additional vegetables (sweet potatoes), as the had started looking up and sharing recipes with these new vegetable packs.
2. Have you noticed any changes in going to the doctor since you started buying our product? 80% had noticed no change in the frequency of their visits - however they did indicate that they had noticed that they were feeling like they had more energy.
3. How did you find out about us? Most word of mouth from other customers and F2F sales
- Friends or families 75%
- Through our team members 10%
- Advertisement 0%
- Social media 0%
- Other 0%
4. Can you rank our key features from 1-5 (with 1 being the best feature)? Average ranking order:
a) Convenience of delivery + Accessibility to new foods (ranked highest)
b) Variety of different food (ranked mid)
c) Preparation of food + Education for nutrition (ranked lowest)
5. How often have you consciously made a decision to vary your diet, since receiving the nutrition box? Most customers said that they were conscious of their variety when it came to preparing their meals with new ingredients. Now having access to a new range of meals, many started looking into the options these provided.
6. On a scale from 1-10 how convenient is door-to-door delivery? 8.6 average.

Overall, customers who were engaged since the first trial were losing satisfaction with the base product and looking to supplement it further. 14 of the 18 surveyed were mothers with children under 15. A signficant amount of the growth rate within this village was achieved through our F2F sales following up from a word-of-mouth recommendation from other customers. Issues and feedback points included the fact that to place an order they had to do it in person and it was inconvenient that they had to be home for this - they enjoyed that the food was delivered to their home though.

 Validated Learning:
That the product we are supplying provides sufficient value to the customers, and the supply change can operate effectively.  

Next Move:
The next experiment to be conducted is to assess the viability of a tech based ordering system and to explore opportunities for diversification and personalisation of products.


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