Project Everest

[Proposed Experiment]: Sales and Revenue Stream Microfinance Amisen 2019 (TIME WARP 12-18 MONTHS)

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption: The sales and revenue streams will be making considerable progress towards the victory goal of $30000

Time Box: 15 months

Success Criteria
Progress: Assumption confirmed. Business is worth continuing.
Green Light: <90% towards victory goal
Orange Light: Optimise features of product, utilising customer advice.
Red Light: >20% towards victory goal
Failure Protocol: Experiment failed. Re-structure cost and revenue streams

Experiment Build

  1. Prepare and rehearse sales pitch
  2. Aim to make at least 15 sales
  3. From these sales, track data points on the following:
  • Repayment rates
  • Default rates
  • Customer perception

4. During pitch, ask for any referrals (i.e.) "Do you have any friends that you think would like to use our services? Would you please pass on their contact details?”

  • Measure rate of referrals

5. Collect referral contact details and set up a meeting as soon as possible

  • Measure referral success rate

6. Set up meeting with people who take up loans in 10 months’ time Use this meeting to understand how the customer is going with their loan and if they want to take out another loan

  • Measure Net Promoter Score

7. Victory Collate data and analyse rates, determine if measurable are successful Determine how far toward victory goal the business is

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