[Proposed Experiment] Solution (Time Warp 4-8 Weeks) Microfinance Amisen

Isabella Strapp
Isabella Strapp | 1 month ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption: The loan service we provide is successful and beneficial for the customer segment.

Time Box- 4-8 Weeks

Success Metric: % of people that repay their loan on time.


Green Light: Continue to operate with current procedures.

Success Point: <90% of people successfully repay their loan on time.

Orange Light: Iterate certain processes and procedures so that the loan is easier for the customer to repay.

Failure Point: >40% of people successfully repay loan on time.

Red Light: Restructure the product using customer feedback.


Experiment Build:

- Consolidate relationship with the People’s Bank of Amisen by signing a contract depicting terms of the business agreement.

- Write up a contract consolidating the loan agreement.

- Arrange meetings with the customers that have bought the MVP.

- Meet with the customers and pitch the loan service.

- Secure the loan agreement by signing the contract.

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Wade Tink 1 month ago

Your percentage conversion of people repaying needs to be alot higher than 60% to be workable as a business. This is given the average default rate in Amisen is 8% according to Amisen Bank.

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