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[Proposed Experiment]: Utility test #2 (supply chain) Fuel Amisen April 2019

kristen lazarus
kristen lazarus | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean phase:Solution  

Assumption: The supply chain for our fuel solution is scalable.

Time Box: 1 month

Success Metrics:

Success metric: Number of customers and suppliers of biomass

  • Success point: Gain 5 additional suppliers of biomass and 10 additional customers
  • Green light: Proceed to explore the use of a technology base to increase customer access
  • Orange light: Gain 2 additional suppliers of biomass and 5 additional customers. Optimise by re-evaluating sourcing, manufacturing and sales avenues  
  • Failure point: Gain 1 additional supplier of biomass and 2 additional customers.
  • Red light: Assess different sourcing, manufacturing and sales avenues   

Experiment build:

  1. Secure an ongoing supply of biomass from Ferdinand by signing a MoU that proposes a payment system that will provide compensation for biomass
  2. Assess additional sourcing avenues by gaining and engaging with contacts of other commercial farmers through Ferdinand
  3. Organise for briquettes to be manufactured by The Magic Shop
  4. Contact Holcomb News and gain media coverage of solution (e.g. News article) to increase awareness and sales

Lily Partridge 8 months ago

Your experiment build says nothing about how you are going to be measuring the new customers, which is important given that this is your key metric to measure your success. Will the Magic Shop give you data on the sales?

What channel are you operating through? This is a channels test by the sounds of it?

Are these customers coming on board as a subscription model or consistent purchasers of the product? This then needs to also factor in 'sales' as a metric, not just 'customers', and the base expanded and retested. Because if you can only make 10 actual sales over the month, this isn't scaleable - but 10 reliable and returning customers is solid. Make this clear in your model.

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Lily Partridge 8 months ago

Change you metrics to reflect your model:
Success point: Gain 5 additional suppliers of biomass, and 10 additional customers purchasing briquettes on a daily basis (on average 10 sales per day) for a month.

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