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Abbey Dyson
Abbey Dyson | 3 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**


A $30 deposit is forward paid, committing to a yearly subscription worth $120, that will be paid at the time of product and payment exchange. Currency tests and pricing tests were conducted to expand on our empathy and offer tests to calculate this cost

Currency test:

It was assumed that mothers of children under the age of 15 in Vengara will forward pay a $30 deposit for an undetermined solution that aims to remove the stress and negative emotion invoked when their child is sick, and they cannot help them. It was found that. This was validated with 11.11% of engagement ending in a deposit payment.  This success rate exceeds the success metric by 1.11%.

The experiment results can be found here:


Price testing:

To follow, it was assumed that to discover the price point of a yearly subscription, 3 independent variables would be tested. With all other variables constant, the dependent variable (paid deposit conversion rate) will direct us to the best price for MVP. It was found that price points of $60 and $120, increased the conversion rate of deposits paid by +0.12% and +5.73% respectively. This exceeded the green light (<1% increase) and $120 was determined the best option for MVP.

The experiment results can be found here:

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