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[CUSTOMER SEGMENT]: Health Amisen April 2019

Lachie McMillan
Lachie McMillan | 3 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

[Customer Segment] - Mothers with Children under the age of 15


Further empathising with villagers in Vengara village we identified our customer segment as

“Mothers with children under 15 in Vengara”.


We know that they are our early adopters because of these observed behaviours:


-          Spending money on tuk tuk to take their sick child to the hospital again and again

-          Actively seek advice from the local nurse

-          Are willing to commit long hours to waiting in clinics and to return many times


We were able to identify these characteristics through conducting face to face interviews. The following are minutes from the interactions we had with the villagers in Vengara:

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