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[PROBLEM]: Health Amisen April 2019

Lachie McMillan
Lachie McMillan | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

[PROBLEM]: Health – Negative Emotions felt due to limited access to Health – April 2019



The Health team went around Amisen conducting a series of face to face surveys and empathising with villagers. Speaking to a number of villagers allowed us to identify the key pain points regarding access to health. These include;

  1. Feeling frustrated and powerless due to wait times

  2. Sad, scared and powerless due to inability to solve serious illnesses of children

  3. Worried and stressed due to lack of funds for medical services


The existing alternatives that these women currently adopt include:

-          Actively seeking out Eena the Nurse’s medical advice

-          Traveling to hospital


In order to validate this problem, we carried out an offer test with the assumption that mothers to children in the rural areas of Amisen feel frustrated about the lack of access to professional medical help.


The experiment result can be found in the following link:


From testing through Word of Mouth/pamphlet through the Local Nurse Eena we 76 of the 126 people she engaged with showed interest by taking a pamphlet


Concurrently, testing through ‘free health check’ 20 out of 40 people Pablo spoke to showed up for a free health check


Finally, testing through door to door interactions in Vengara village 4 out of the 32 people we engaged with provided their contact details.


Key takeaways include:

-          People are interested in having access to more services and quicker access to medical attention

-          There is a lot of positive curiosity towards what PEV is doing




Through this offer test we were able to validate the problem and concluded:

“Our customers, mothers with children less than 15 years old in Vengara will feel frustration, worry and stress more acutely when their children cannot receive medical care.”



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Wade Tink 9 months ago

This is too much information re metrics given that these metrics are in the offer test results.
The information you want to provide here is the 'Problem Statements' in that format.

It's great that you have put in here the current alternate solutions.

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Wade Tink 9 months ago

Status label added: Problem

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