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[Proposed Experiment]: Product Impact Assessment Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

 [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Product Impact Energy Amisen April 2019


Lean Phase: Key Metrics

Assumption: People of low affluence in Amisen will pay for a reliable, affordable and consistent energy solution that we have provided.

Time Box: 4 hours

Success Metric:

 Green Light: Continue to expand our sales reach within our customer segment

Success Point: 40% of the 18 customers convert to Sales

Orange Light: Revisit our financial model, conduct additional price testing

 Red Light: Conduct a further experiment surrounding solutions

Failure Point: >10% of the 18 customers convert to Sales


Experiment Build

-       Construct a Sales Pitch to deliver to engaged customers

-       Attend meetings with Village Chiefs and Prominent Village stakeholders

-       Engage with Village Chiefs and Stakeholders to access the customers who engaged with the Currency Test and provided the $1 security deposit

-       Deliver Sales Pitch

-       Collect Sales from Village Chief on behalf of village

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