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[Experiment Result]: Utility Test Microfinance Amisen April 2019

Lean Canvas Phase: Solution


Assumption: USSD (mobile money) is the best way to organise savings for the desired customer segment.


Positive results:


In Jumtha, of the 9 surveys we conducted amongst villagers with mobile phones, 1 person didn’t know what it is and 6 responded positively towards the concept of USSD whilst 1 person expressed distrust in mobile systems. 1 person did not respond at all.


Therein, USSD utility passes our greenlight with a 66% positive result. With this result we can proceed with the next phase of our solutions phase.

Validated Learning:


Although mobile usage is still developing at 80%, customers are able and willing to engage in the channel and are familiar with the concept of mobile money


Next Action:


Ideate optimisations to the current solution which shall incorporate mobile money. Begin conducting feasibility studies on the idea of mobile money savings accounts which may run in conjunction with the current MVP


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