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[REVENUE STREAMS]: Energy Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Outline: The Energy Team has a revenue stream through our subscription based access to our ‘Communal Solar Panel System’, and upfront costs from customers purchasing the rechargeable battery pack and light bulbs.

Background: The Energy Team is currently seeking additional systems of obtaining revenue to enhance efficiency and scalability of our product.


Upfront Sales

Revenue will be sourced from the upfront sales of the rechargeable torch and battery pack. This will cost the customer $10 upfront. This represents a cost effective solution for the customer, and is representative of a viable pricing point for this customer segment.


Subscription Plan

The subscription based plan for access to our ‘Communal Solar Panel System’ costs the customer $40 per month. Customers have the option to pay either monthly at $40 a month or weekly at $10 a month. Customers will receive a reminder text message the day that their payment is due. This payment entitles access to our ‘Communal Solar Panel System’. The price of the system is set at this point to cover maintenance costs of the unit, and other ongoing costs including costs of employment for Herman, rent and pricing to import battery packs and solar panels.


Individual Investment

The Energy Team has each invested $10,000, generating $50,000 worth of initial revenue. The revenue acquired from our personal investment is set to cover start up costs, including acquisition of initial products and services.


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