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[SOLUTION]: Energy Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

The solution we will provide is a communal solar recharge station. It will alleviate the pain points that were identified in our research related to unreliable lighting sources, energy affordability and mobile recharging.The communal solar recharge system will comprise of charging stations for batteries of rechargeable lamps and torches.These rechargeable lamps and torches will be sold separately.

 Energy affordability will be achieved through a subscription based model, that will allow customers to access the solution that costs less than what they pay per week for other alternatives. Customers in Amisen are paying between $10 and $30 per week for government supplied grid electricity, which has been identified through our research as unreliable and inconsistent, rendering it out of reach for a significant proportion of our customer segment.

The pain point of Mobile Recharging that our customer segment sought a solution for will be targeted by our product. Customers identified that Sangria’s Imports and Exports within Holcomb was the primary method of mobile recharging utilised by our customer segment. However, it costs $10 for a single phone charge which lasts 3 days. Our mobile recharging ports at the Communal Solar Station, will alleviate this pain point by enhancing productivity whilst decreasing mobile recharge costs.

Our solution is reliable, and easy to use. From our research, reliability of alternative energy solutions was a major pain point. Customers expressed frustration regarding the safety of Candles, and the usability of existing solar products. Whilst pico solar products have existed in Amisen for the past couple of years, our research identified that locals found them difficult to use and lacked understanding of how to best utilise them as a product. Our solution seeks to target the issue of reliability, by providing a centralised solar recharge station that does not require individuals to maintain.

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