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Black Label Post - Amisen Nutrition April 2019

Kirrily Mann
Kirrily Mann | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Problem -

Amisen has a large agricultural economy, however due to the different levels in socioeconomic status and supply of produce from farmers, residents in villages surrounding the district of Holcomb only have access to a restricted variety of foods, the main three bing okra, cassava and maize. Although villagers understand the basics of nutrition and it’s importance, farmers experience difficulty in producing non-traditional crops and are unaware of the demand for vegetables. Due to this, there is no access to nutritional resources in the village of Vengara, causing decreased energy & motivation and unknown illnesses, particularly within children, resulting in people feeling upset, frustrated and helpless in the quest to keep their families healthy.


Problem Centric Message:

Do you wish for greater health for your whole community and their future? Let us provide you with nutritional foods


Customer Segment -

Our customer segment is low to moderate socioeconomic residents of Vengara Village, both with and without young children and babies.

After empathising with the different communities, it is apparent that the Village of Vengara is experiencing the limitations and impacts a lack of access to nutritional resources first hand. The low to moderate socioeconomic residents of Vengara, both with and without children, only have access to traditional crops such as maize and cassava and understand the importance of nutrition. They associate with the emotions of feeling frustrated, upset and helpless seeing highlighted in the problem statement. Currently, these residents represent 3% of the population seeking a solution to the problem if available. low to moderate socioeconomic residents of Vengara Village, both with and without young children and babies.

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Unique Value Proposition -

The unique value proposition for Nutrition in Vengara is to provide convenient access to nutritional resources which will decrease diet related related illnesses and empower parents to take care of their family’s health needs.


Solution -

For our solution PEV has essentially become the middleman between customs and producers of a variety of food products. The cycle begins with the farmers growing the crops and transporting them to Sangria for packaging. They will then be collected by a delivery service and transported to our customers.


Channels -

Through experimenting a number of channels with the local community, we have identified three different viable routes, not only for customer engagement but also in regards to increasing the access of any future solutions to mothers and families, our identified customer segment.  These routes are identified as the following:

  1. Posters in a Village Healthcare centre alongside USSD code.

  • Through the course of the exploration of this channel, our Offer Test experiment confirmed that there is a high saturation of prospects who are interested in improving their nutritional information within the healthcare facilities.

  • From observations when putting up posters, approximately a third of the adults attending the healthcare centres were accompanied by children, however we don’t know if they were there for the children. A significant number of children appeared undernourished, but the information surrounding this has not been explored or confirmed.

  1. Pamphlets distributed to students in a local village primary school.

  • After engaging with the students in the local village primary school, we found that while the channel may be a viable future channel, however this channel will only be used for prospect awareness.

  • From discussion with teachers at the school, we found that a lot of children often lose notes/form, or forget to hand them to their parents or return them in the process. The teachers also identified that there is a real range in the nutritional access and deficiencies they’ve observed in their students, indicating that parental pressure might be an option to investigate in marketing. This was also a potential issue given the literacy rates of parents surveyed through this process. We deem the channel of schools to be potentially quite effective.

  1. Face to Face engagement within local markets.

  • Through engaging with the local community at the village markets, our channel for the method of customer awareness has been considered viable

  • Almost everybody that we spoke to was a female and most of these were shopping to support a family with at least one child. They recognised that a good diet was important for the health of their family, however didn’t really know what this would other than “fruit and vegetables”. Majority of other people observed at the market who were not interviewed were also female.

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Key Metrics -

Health of children in Vengara community

  • Our research shows that 70% of Vergara’s children are experiencing weakness and illness due to malnutrition and that it is common for child deaths in Amisen’s region.

Interest and need of community

  • In conducting our offer test, 2 or our 3 channels were a green light success metric, with the 3rd an orange light most lightly due to our design of channel deliver not the lack of interest.

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Demand of product

  • Our currency test showed a 100% green light success metric with great emotional interest and referrals conducted by customers.

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Cost and Revenue -


  • Wages for employee members which are Sangria as packager and Papak as deliverer.

  • Ferdinand will be be paid for his produce


  • The customers who purchased our food boxes have paid either $15 for a family-sized box or $10 for a singles box. These prices were trial prices.

  • Bulk paid subscription price for 1-month will be: trial price * weeks. For example, a family-sized box subscription will be $60 upfront and $15 per unit.

  • Single sale price will be: trial price * 1.25. For example, a single sale family-sized box $20.

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Felix Zerbib 8 months ago

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stephenmacdonald 1 month ago

This is common situation in all countries: children losing notes/form, forgetting to hand them to parents or submit in class. Children just switch their attention very quickly, so there's nothing weird!

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