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[Experiment Results]: Utility Test Energy Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Reference to Experiment:


Lean Phase: Solution


Assumption: Locals in Jumtha and Vengara have a positive response to the features we intend to include in our solution.  


Experiment Results:

To go forward with the utility test and get the green light we needed at least a 60% positive response rate.

We visited Jumtha and engaged with 17 locals. All of them responded positively to the potential utilities.

Since we utility tested 17 people and had 17 positive responses to the features we were testing, the green light was achieved with a 100% positive response rate. The verified features that we will proceed with is ‘reliable light source’, ‘mobile recharging’ and ‘affordability'.   


Validated Learning:

Results confirm that ‘affordability, accessible lighting and the ability to charge phones are the most important utilities to our customer segment.

We begun with the assessment of the emotional response of offering features: General home lighting, the ability of charging phones or safety. While general home lighting and rechargeable phones received a positive reaction, safety was seen to be less important. Cost was established to be the most important utility. As a result, safety was replaced with cost to take account of that feedback.

This support of an entire community through the village chief will have an impact on our solution considerations i.e. focussing on a community based solution.


Next move:

Ideate solution and prototype

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