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[Experiment Results]: Channels - Village Chiefs - Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Experiment post:

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: Village Chiefs are a viable channel to reach our customer segment of low affluence members of Juthma and Vengara.



  • 18 individuals were engaged by a Village Chief with in Jumtha and Vengara.
  • Of the 18 that the Village Chief engaged with, 13 converted to a successful EOI.
  • A green light has been achieved with 72%. This success rate exceeds the success metric of 60%.


Validated Learning:

Results confirm that the Village Chiefs of Jumtha and Vengara are a viable customer channel to target low affluence community members.

We retrieved the $1 offer from 13 customers out of the 18 that were engaged with by the Village Chief. This validates the assumption that Village Chiefs provide a channel to qualify leads. The leads that were received through the Village Chiefs identified that they have a problem with access to reliable and affordable energy, and are willing to pay for a solution.


Next Move:

The next experiment to be conducted is the Utility Testing Experiment.


Fiona Aaron 8 months ago

Status label added: Experiment Results

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