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[Results] Channels Microfinance Amisen April 2019

Jamie Butler
Jamie Butler | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

April 19-Amisen [Experiment Results] Channels Microfinance Amisen April 2019

Proposed Experiment:

Reassert Lean Phase: Channels

Reassert Assumption: Village consultations are a viable channel for distributing the MVP


100% of customers consulted in their village purchased the MVP.

Surveys and MVP pitches in Jumeira were conducted to its community. This consultation entailed a discussion depicting their knowledge of their own finances and the problems they face when accessing various financial services such as a savings account or a basic loan. PEV then engaged with them in our survey and MVP, collecting personal fiscal data and subsequently ran customers through the financial goals spreadsheet which they then purchased.

Validated Learning:

F2F consultation within village communities provide the customer with all the information they need about the product, and this allows them to effectively raise their problems and we can reassure them regarding any issues they may have. This is a huge advantage to this channel as it is personalised and reinforces the value propositions the MVP has to the customer.

F2F consultations are viable in terms of strict conversion rates, but are incredibly resource-time intensive, these consultations can take upwards of 30 minutes and vary greatly depending on the customer. For this business to be scalable, alternative, less intensive channel solutions.

In addition to the village consultations, we found through empathizing that Tuk-Tuk's became a viable channel where currency conversions occurred consistently. However, whilst village consultations have proven to be a viable channel, it is incredibly resource and time intensive. One F2F consultation could take up to half an hour depending on the prospective customer.

However, in response to this organising consultations at the village chief level in Jumtha has promised impressive results in MVP distributions.

Next Move:

PEV is to entrust Pablo the village chief with our savings goal sheets to distribute on our behalf amongst his village, to reach a larger amount of the customer segment.. Research further distributions channels that are more scalable.


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