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[Proposed Experiment]: User Interface Test Health Amisen April 2019

Lachie McMillan
Lachie McMillan | 3 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Front End Interface

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumptions: Customers see value in the various application interfaces we are proposing

Time Box: 2 hours

Success Metric

Metric: Reach 30 people, gather ratings of each function, from 1-7 as well as feedback on why they gave the rating


Green Light- Proceed: Launch production (programming etc) and continue pre-sales

Success Point – 5/7 average rating for a specific function

Orange Light – Tweak function based on why they gave the rating, iterate experiment

Failure Point – 2/7 average rating for a specific function

Red Light – Failure Protocol: Re-assess value of functions, change methods of delivery.

Metrics are case by case, for each delivery method

Experiment Build:

Conduct interviews where the delivery of each utility is shown on paper, measuring their satisfaction of the delivery (rating 1-7 w/ feedback on why)

The delivery methods of utilities tested will be:

-       Personal information input using a questionnaire

-       Receiving a diagnosis on a different screen immediately after inputting your symptoms

-       Receive outbreak warnings in the form of text messages

-       Receiving the Medical Report intended for your doctor in the form of a pop up screen, with a button to send to your doctor


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Wade Tink 3 months ago

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Wade Tink 3 months ago

This looks good, well done.

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