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[Proposed Experiment]: Driver Currency Test Experiment April 2019

Lucy Preiss
Lucy Preiss | 6 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean Phase: UVP



People in Jumtha are willing to work in our Waste Management System.


Success Metric:

We are measuring the rate of conversion by getting agreements from people in Jumtha. We are aiming to trial at least 60 people.


Time Box:  1 - 2 weeks



Green Light - Proceed:  Move to MVP phase


Success point: 30% of people approached who are actively seeking further income are willing to agree to a contract to partake in this service.


Orange Light: 10% Reevaluate the target market and survey technique (e.g. agreement may not be attractive enough due to wage). Re-evaluate customer segment.


Red Light - Failure Protocol: <5% Re-evaluate customer segment,  broaden the scope, and redesign experiment.


Experiment build:

Type: Quantitative

Method: Trial


  1. Enquire if Jumtha locals are interested in earning some extra money

  2. Gather those that answer yes together and ask the following qualifying questions:

    1. Available to travel to Kessara once a week to collect their rubbish and drop it at PEV HQ.

    2. Willing to do this for $12 per trip

Rationale and assumptions:

      1. Households pay $9 per pick up

      2. Worker can service four household pickups per trip

      3. Therefore labor cost is $3 per trip

      4. Cost to collect trash from PEV HQ is $3-5 (in line with price paid by Vangara)

      5. Round trip will take ~3-4 hours. Assume half a day. Current average Jumtha wages are $30 per week, so a willing participant would be able to earn 40% of their weekly earnings in just half a day. This ensures we can be selective in our recruitment and ensure only those with the best customer service skills are client facing. Additionally, this supports the SDG goal of “decent work and economic growth”.

    1. Willing to do a trial right now for $12 (we will cover transport)

    2. Willing to commit to doing this once a week

    3. Willing to undergo training in customer service

  1. Take the workers to our customers at Keissara and have them collect the trash

  2. Offer contracts as outlined above for the next X months/weeks

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