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[Proposed Experiment]: Utility Test Energy Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Problem: Unreliable power/energy → Lower productivity, less time for education

Customer emotions: START frustrated/annoyed END hopeful/excited/happy


Potential Features:

  • Provides lighting source
  • Charges phone and/or other rechargeable devices
  • Renewable/free power source
  • Safety - noncombustible power source - no smoke
  • Usability - simple to use, educated on the product


Tested Features (Top 3)

  • Provides lights source
  • Charges phone/device
  • Product provides reliable power source


Utility experiment

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption:  Locals in Jumtha and Vengara have a positive response to the features we intend to include in our solution.  

Time Box:  24 hours


Success Metric:

Metric: The proportion of total interactions and positive reactions to the tested feature list

Green Light: Proceed - Prototype solution with tested feature list

Success Point: >60% of utility testing interactions respond positively to the feature list

Orange Light: Reassess

Red Light: Reassess tested feature list, gather feedback on tested feature list from customers

Failure Point: <15% conversion rate


Experiment build

  • Since currency testing has provided us with the direct contact details of interested customers, we can call people who responded positively to the currency test
  • Call them: ‘You responded positively to our initial offer with our early access system, and wanted to know how you would feel if we were to have a product that could do….’
  • Record responses as either negative, neutral or positive
  • Ask if they have any feedback or any additional questions they may have
  • Tally results and compare to success metric

Fiona Aaron 9 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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